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Terms of Service

Information protection

1. General

The following terms and conditions and any other relevant rules we adopt and provide here (collectively, the "Conditions of Sale") apply to your ("Customer" or "you") ordering from a company located in the State of California. Legally formed and existing limited partnership, we contact us by telephone (123456789) through the Monaco Jeweller's Customer Contact Centre ("Customer Contact Centre") or (b) on the Internet via our store website.

These conditions of sale apply only to sales made through the Customer Contact Centre or the website. Sales through retail outlets are not subject to these conditions of sale.

The conditions of sale that apply to any order placed through the Customer Contact Centre or the Website are in effect when an employee of the Monaco Jeweller places the order on your behalf (if the order is placed through the Customer Contact Centre) or when you place the order (in the case of placing the order through the website) in the case of). For orders placed through the website, if you check the "I accept" box in the order confirmation section of the website before placing an order with us, you accept these conditions of sale. If you refuse to accept these conditions of sale, you will not be able to order any of our store products from the website or customer contact center. Monaco Jewelers may, at their sole discretion, amend the Conditions of Sale from time to time. If you place an order through this website, check the "I accept" box and place the order, you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale as revised during this period. Persons wishing to use the Customer Contact Centre or the Website will also be deemed to have agreed to be bound by our Website Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, which are incorporated by reference into these Conditions of Sale. Customers using the Customer Contact Center will have access to our Privacy Policy as described in the Order Confirmation below.

2. Purchase Eligibility

Only (a) has reached the age of majority (18 in most states), (b) has the legal capacity to enter into a contract, and (c) is a citizen or individual (not an unincorporated entity) of the continental United States resident in the continental United States, Products can be ordered through the Customer Contact Center or the Alaska, Hawaii or District of Columbia websites. If you are under legal age or unable to legally enter into a contract, you must agree to these Conditions of Sale by having your parent or guardian place the order on your behalf. Any order in violation of this provision shall be void. By placing an order through the Customer Contact Center or the Website, you represent and warrant that you are a bona fide end-user customer and will not deliver, sell or otherwise distribute or purchase our Store Products for commercial purposes or for any other commercial purpose benefit. Our store may refuse such an order if, in our store's sole discretion, it believes that the order would violate the terms of the preceding sentence, or if the customer engages in fraudulent or grey market activity.

 3. Product Availability; Quantity

All orders placed through the Customer Contact Center or the website are subject to availability and are accepted.

We reserve the right to change the assortment of items suggested on the website or through the Customer Contact Center, and may from time to time limit the number of our products that a customer can order in a single buying session. Currently, orders cannot exceed five (5) products in any purchase session on the Site. The Customer Contact Center and the website's product pages can provide you with information about products currently available for sale through these channels. Note that only products that display a "details and buy" button can be sold through this site. Monaco Jewelers reserves the right to change from time to time the assortment of items available on its product pages. You can also call the Customer Contact Centre (12345678) and one of our store associates will provide you with more information on product availability and assist you with your purchase.

4. Account registration; personal information; guest checkout

In order to place an order through the Customer Contact Center or the website, you or our store staff (on your behalf) may register on the website and create an online account, or place an order as a guest without creating an online account by selecting "Only Available on the Site" Guest Checkout” option to register for an account. In order to register for an online account, you will need to provide valid and current personal information, such as your legal name, phone number and email address, and confirm that you